Saturday, May 29, 2010

I think I may be crafty shmafty after all.

Well, a little time practicing and I was able to make 2 new dresses (and an apron)...  I think I could seriously fall in love with this.  The only problem is the kids.  You see, whenever I run the vacuum, it is like my children turn into little tornados.  They run around screaming and yelling like it is some sort of game.  I have to admit, it's cute.  I never minded.  They seem to enjoy acting like I was chasing them around trying to suck them up in the vacuum.  Sorry, back on track.  Anyhow, every time I turn on the sewing machine, it seems to have the same effect.  I need to figure out how to put a stop to that though... it is not cute. AT. ALL.

Here are my newest additions to etsy

Both come with matching hair bows.


  1. Diane, if only I had a little girl to put in that dress...I love it!!!!!!

  2. Maybe one of these days, Courtney! I will make a sweet little dress when you have some baby girls!

  3. See how much money I am going to save you in fabric!!!!

  4. I was a little confused by your comment at first... but I just have two words for you... stuff it. I hope you get pregnant when you are 55.