Thursday, June 30, 2011


I need some. I don't REALLY but this weather makes me want them. The diet can wait until tomorrow.

Speaking of diets! I am going to give one a whirl. I have not had much success lately trying to lose weight. Since my gallbladder was taken out in February '10, I have found it impossible to lose ANY weight. I sure can put it on. I have other contributing factors though. I know from a (couple) 24 hr. saliva test that my adrenals are shot (stressed much?), progesterone is too low, DHEA and testosterone are too low. I also have a small thyroid issue that I take medication for. Altogether, I am just falling apart. I have felt that way since I turned 30 but dang! I am just 8 days from 40. E.I.G.H.T days. Actually, seven. Today is nearly over.

So, back to the diet. It is the 17 day diet. I am too lazy to tag that last line but you can google it. It received good reviews and I have bought the book. Too bad I can't just read the gosh darn book and lose the weight. Looks like I am going to have to put some effort into this. I have been going to the gym though. We joined the YMCA and we love it.

Ok, well, off to see about the s'mores! Don't be jealous.

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